Things To Do First When You Are Locked Out Of Your Car


Getting locked out of your car is not fun at all. If you haven’t then this is not something that you would want to experience. But what if you do? What do you need to do first? It is important that you know how to deal with the situation. Do not panic. This can happen to anyone! Read this article so that you will have an idea on how to get through with this incident.

Keep Your Calm And Try To Think

If you panic, it will not do you any good. It will not only make the situation worse because you will not be able to think clearly. The last thing you want to do is to call for help only to find out that your doors are unlocked. So before you call for help from commercial locksmith San Antonio who also helps with car locks, make sure that you checked all doors, including your trunk.

Keep A Spare Key

It is very important that you keep a spare key, especially if you have experienced being locked out of your car before. These incidents can happen anytime, and you wouldn’t want to end up getting locked out in the middle of a dark and unsafe parking lot. So you have to keep a spare key in your bag or wallet for emergency purposes. Contact your local locksmith to have a couple of spare keys done for you.

Check For Roadside Assistance From Insurance

Check your car insurance if it includes roadside assistance because most insurance companies do. You have to verify with your policy if it can provide you with roadside assistance before this happens. This is only a plus because there will also be instances when the roadside service professional still would not be able to gain entry to your car and they would have to call a locksmith.

Try Unlocking The Door

While waiting for the locksmith, try to unlock the door on your own. A handy tool that you should always have with you is a pump wedge. This is what most tow service companies use to open a locked car door. If you got locked out of your car and you are still at home and you happen to have a blood pressure cuff, it can also help. It is made with material that is strong enough to hold the pressure without ripping.

So if you have one at home, or if you have one at your bag, use it while waiting for your locksmith. All you need to do is to slide the deflated blood pressure cuff to the top corner of your driver’s side door. Then, start blowing the cuff up until it creates a small gap and an opening in your car. Remember not to overexpand it as it can damage your door. Then, use a wire coat hanger or anything that is long and skinny that can fit between the gap. Try to squeeze in the coat hanger until it can hit the unlock button.

Having to deal with this situation can be scary. But if you follow the simple solutions mentioned above, it can take one less thing to worry about. Still, it would be best if you have a trusted locksmith that you can call during these emergency situations at any time of the day.