Why it is Important to Have your Roof Inspected Regularly


Building repairs and maintenance are part and parcel of home ownership, and the roof in particular is prone to repairs, as it has to endure the harsh climate. There are numerous reasons why a roof might be damaged, which include the following:

  • Storm Damage – Flying debris can easily cause roof damage.
  • High Winds – This can unseat roof tiles, which will result in a leaking roof.
  • General Wear and Tear – Years of ongoing weather can result in erosion.

Roof Inspections

The roof is a large feature and is quite complex, with smaller, closed off areas and places that cannot be easily seen, and should there be an issue and it remains unnoticed, serious damage can be the result. This is the main reason to carry out thorough roof inspections on a regular basis, which enables minor repairs to be carried out before they become major issues. If you are unable, or unwilling to climb up a ladder and inspect the roof, there are affordable roofing services in Godalming who would be happy to carry out a detailed examination, and should there be any issues, prompt repairs can be carried out before any damage is caused.

When to Inspect the Roof

Your roof should be inspected at least once a year, and also after a heavy storm, which is the time that your roof is most likely to be damaged. Inspecting a roof should include the following:

  • Check for missing or dislodged roof tiles.
  • Inspect the flashing and the chimney.
  • Cleaning out the guttering.
  • Visual inspection of the fascia and soffit boards, looking for signs of damage and wear and tear.

With regular inspections, any roofing issues will be quickly detected and appropriate repairs can be undertaken.