3 Reasons to Install a Fireplace


If you live in the UK, you will appreciate how cold the winters can be, and more and more homeowners are turning to the open fire, which provides a warmth and cosiness that no central heating system can offer. If you do not have a chimney and have never thought about the idea of a woodburning stove, you’ll be happy to lean that the best fireplace supplier in Shrewsbury can actually install a flue that channels the toxic fumes away.

  1. Enjoy a Warm and Cosy Living Space – A modern woodburning stove is very energy efficient and gives off so much heat that everyone in the family will want to spend the winter evenings in front of the fire.
  2. Eco-Friendly Heating – The wood comes from sustainable tree plantations, making for a very eco-friendly way to generate heat. It is also cost-effective, and with a new fireplace, you have a great living room feature, and the supplier will design and build a custom fireplace that is unique to your home, with quality materials like marble and granite.
  3. Major Design Feature – Whatever the design you choose, enlist the help of local fireplace experts, who would have an extensive collection of images that show what can achieved regarding fireplace design.

The fireplace specialist would first survey the site and with your input, he can design the perfect feature for your living room that also provides you with much0needed heat in the winter. A Google search is all it takes to explore the potential that a custom fireplace offers, and whether you prefer granite, marble of fine mahogany, the expert can design the fireplace of your dreams.