A Guide to Designing a Small Terrace Garden


Landscaping small areas is an art form, with perhaps 150 sqm of land to work with, which might be square or rectangular, and if you are looking to create an attractive and easy to maintain garden on the side of your home, here are a few tips.

  • Grassed Area – The general rule is no more than half your space should be turfed, and if you run the turf line directly along the side of the building, you won’t need a flower bed. Perhaps the grassed area can be divided by a narrow path, which gives easy access, and with affordable garden landscaping in Windlesham, you can find a garden design specialist who can plan and create the perfect outdoor living space.
  • Fence – Hedge Perimeters – A timber fence, for example, can be lined with small conifers, which contrasts nicely with the wooden panels, and a rustic handrail can look really impressive. There are PVC solutions for garden fencing with a composite that comes in a stunning timber-grain finish, if painting is not your favourite pastime.
  • The Patio – Approximately one-third to one quarter of the space should be terraced, which could be in the form of natural pavers, block paving, or even poured concrete. A small retaining wall would allow for some topsoil and a few plants, to add a little colour, while a self-made hanging garden is another great space-saving way to add some greenery.

Choose a local landscaper with a good name in the community and he can ensure that you make the most out of your garden.