Are You Ready to Carpet Your Home


Carpeting a room can give it a new life. That is why you need to make sure that you install a carpet pad along with the carpet. You simply do not want to add the carpet alone. Doing so will reduce the carpet’s life and add to wear and tear.

Enjoy the Following

When you choose Havant carpets and add a pad, you enjoy the following:

  • A wide selection of colours and textures, each of which can be added to contemporary or traditional decors
  • Easier maintenance as carpeting with a pad suffers fewer marks and less dirt
  • Better insulation as adding a pad will eliminate cold areas on the flooring
  • A nice layout; adding the pad make the carpet look nice as it lays more evenly

Do Not Waste Money by Not Including the Pad

Indeed, adding a pad is an important consideration as you will waste your money if you do not include this type of barrier. The pad is added between the carpet and substrate, serves as an insulative barrier, and dampens any sound. When you don’t add the pad, you may feel cheated as you do not reduce the noise in the house and the carpet wears out more quickly over time.

Go Online for Further Details

Would you like to know more about carpet and padding? If so, check out your options locally online. Look at the samples first and you will find just the right colours and patterns for your home’s flooring and design. Take time now to review the selections. You will be impressed.