Best kitchen Designs Of 2019


Just like the living areas and bedrooms in your home need scrupulous designing and decorations, your kitchen also needs substantial planning. It is too commonsensical to even realise that a well-decorated kitchen positively stimulates you to cook at home thereby helping you to consume wholesome foods. Firstly, it is the visual appeal of new designs that draw you to your kitchen.

On the second note, effective storage facilities empower you to take full control over the kitchen and rip benefits of improved functionality. The Schuller kitchens London have in its repository mesmerising kitchen designs that are very much in trend. If you want insight into the best kitchen design of 2019, then continue reading.

Ceiling point storage

Tall cupboards are very much in trends. These look sleek and slim while providing abundant storage facility along with overhead cabinets. Interior designers reckon that this modern design is the most sought-after in the customer market for 2019. Added on to that, it is believed the popularity of this design will persist in many more years to come.

The soaring popularity of back

Surveys have shown striking demand for black coloured kitchen furniture and accessories. Customers are increasingly opting for dark hues with black colour occupying the topmost position in the preference chart. The year 2019 is going to witness faint demand for primary and light colours since black, coffee brown and dark navy will remain pertinent.

Larders and pantries

Well-designed larders and pantries are must to grace your modern kitchen. Not only do these pieces of furniture look good, but also provide safe accommodation of ingredients and foods. You will find excellent creative designs of larders at Schuller kitchens London. Their impressive collection will leave you in a dilemma regarding which one to pick among so many for your home kitchen.

Banquet seating style

The banquet pattern seating makes your kitchen look more like the communal space instead of restricting it to being mere dining space. This seating style for sure utilises spare spaces effectively thereby allowing family members to have some comfort and relaxations. Most of the interior designers have opined that in upcoming years, the popularity of breakfast bars and kitchen islands will face stiff competition from this emerging promising trend.

Tantalising timber

If you want to create a rustic ambiance in your home kitchen, then selecting the timber textured furniture should be your obvious choice. Traditional timber, walnut and oak varieties attract enormous recognition which has propelled the designers to declare it as one of the supreme kitchen designs for 2019.

Modern kitchens are not just visual treats but also provide greater functional efficiencies than traditional kitchens at various levels. Thus, one might want to take note of the designs discussed above before construction or planning of the new home. The same can be incorporated in construction plans with assistance from professional designers.