Essential Building Maintenance Tasks for the Spring


Every house requires regular maintenance, and it is very easy to overlook this and think that the property will take care of itself. Unfortunately, things can, and do, go wrong with buildings, and with that in mind, here are a few essential maintenance tasks that need to be carried out on a regular basis.

  • Roof Maintenance– The roof is the most important component of any structure, as it protects the building from the harsh UK climate, and very often roof shingles are dislodged, which allows rainwater to enter the roof interior. Your roof should be inspected every few months and any repairs quickly carried out.
  • Plasterwork Repair– If damp gets into the building, it will likely cause plaster to fall away, which could be caused by a number of things. If, for example, you notice damp patches on a ceiling, this could be due to blocked guttering, which would force rainwater to run down the exterior walls. Luckily, there is an expert building renovations company in Chesterfield that handles building repairs and home improvements, and they would find the source of the damp and take suitable measures.
  • Repointing Brickwork– All exterior brickwork has to endure the harsh British weather, and quite often, the cement between the bricks becomes eroded, and repointing is required. The area to repoint might be extensive, and often, a scaffold needs to be erected in order for the tradesman to be able to work.

If you need some maintenance work done, or are thinking of extending, call your local builder to see what he can do for you.