Expand On Your Outdoor Living Space By Choosing Bifold Doors


With the use of bifold doors, you can bring the outside into your indoor living space. This sort of luxury also enables you to choose from one of three key materials. Whatever materials you use, you will find that any of the products will enhance a bifold door’s frame and appearance. Major building products that are used today include timber, aluminium, or a composite frame.

Timber Bifold Door Frames

Bifold doors that are made of timber usually come in such options as oak, pine, or meranti. Each of these woods are used because they are strong and sturdy. Normally, an engineered timber is employed. In other words, solid wood parts are glued and laminated to create large pieces that are then machined and cut to the proper length and size.

A Material That Is Used in Contemporary and Traditional Designs

As a result, engineered timber is more stable than regular timber. However, that does not mean that you cannot afford the price. You can install bifold doors that feature engineered timber that is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing to view. Timber is used in both contemporary and traditional applications.

A Distinctive Contrast

Aluminium is a material that is used for glazing the frames of bifold doors. When the frames feature aluminium, they also look sleek and streamlined. Because of their smoother and more consistent surface, these frames are often used in more modern designs. However, that does not mean that you cannot install the door frames on period properties too. Aluminium can provide a distinctive contrast when it is used in older architectural styles.

Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance

When aluminium frames are employed, they are thermally enhanced by using an insert that is made of a polyamide plastic. This insert is used to separate the outside and inside aluminium parts to prevent the formation of condensation and to add to the insulation of the door. When aluminium is powder-coated as well, it proves to be both long-lasting and low-maintenance.

The Benefits of Composites

Bifolding doors may also be made of composite materials. When these types of products are used, they are formed by combining a timber-type frame and an aluminium exterior. When you choose this type of door, then you can enjoy higher U-values and the advantages that are associated with a powder-coated aluminium finish. As a result, composite doors are a practical and enticingly attractive design solution. So, if you want to enjoy more indoor comfort and add to the looks of your home, a composite bifold door is an ideal selection.

By choosing a composite, you can enjoy all the benefits of engineered timber and aluminium rolled into one package. So, take a look at the selection of bifolding doors online and see how you can fit this highly efficient design into your refurbishment. If you want to make your home feel more spacious, then this type of upgrade will help you meet your objectives.

When you choose the right materials, you will enjoy more in the way of energy savings and a more pleasant-looking inside décor and outside view too.