How to Clean the Drains


The drain pipes are a series of pipes that lead out from your house and connect to the municipal sewage lines. The drain pipes are susceptible to blockages due to a variety of reasons, and can lead to a myriad of problems. If you are not careful with maintenance, it won’t take long before the drain pipes clog up completely. There are a number of reasons for which the drain pipes usually get blocked, such as:

  • Solid items
  • Leftover residue
  • Hairs
  • Fatty oils

If your drain pipes are getting blocked, you need to hire a drain cleaner in Oxford as quickly as possible. Here are some important things that you should know about drain cleaning.

Table of Contents

Jet Washing

In most cases, the common method used for cleaning the drain pipes is a jet wash. Jet washing uses the pressure of the water to get rid of the blockage in the pipes. It’s a common method used by most companies. This is a pretty easy method that’s used by companies to get rid of the blockage in the pipes.

Acid Cleaning

In some cases, the jet wash might not be a suitable solution. When that happens, the only other method is acid cleaning, which involves the use of harsh acids that literally “melt” the blockage in the pipes. This is a slightly riskier method, as the pipes may sustain damage owing to the toxicity of the acids being used by the professional drain cleaning experts.