How To Keep Roaches Out This Winter

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Winters are approaching, and you may be thinking that you will get rid of pests for a few months. However, you may need to rethink. While it is true that many pests disappear during the colder months or “hibernate” (become inactive or less active), not all of them go away. One such pest is cockroaches. Cockroaches are among the most hated pests, and with good reason. 

Not only are roaches unsightly, but they carry diseases. They are unsafe for humans as they can contaminate your food and water sources and can harm your pets as well. Learning about the ways to eliminate them during the winter can ensure you stay safe. Call pest control if you are dealing with an infestation. 

How to keep roaches out this winter 

  • Tidy up the house. 

There is no doubt that an unclean house is an open invitation to cockroaches and other pests. Therefore, the first step to prevent cockroaches this winter is tidying up the house. Dispose of old newspapers and clean up that dusty stack of old books. Organize the empty cardboard boxes in your garage or attic and clean the area properly. Make sure there is no clutter in the entire house. 

  • Go on crumb patrol.

One of the best methods to keep pests away is to clean up food crumbs and liquid spills from your floors, kitchen countertops, and tabletops consistently. Keeping food or beverages in the open is yet another invitation to pests. Do not forget to clean underneath the stove and other electrical appliances that you use while preparing food. Make it a habit to wipe down all the surfaces in your kitchen in the evening or before you go to bed. 

  • Seal it up.

You may have heard this advice from your friends and family many times and even read it on the Internet. This won’t be your first time hearing this, but sealing up the entry points is the most effective way of keeping any insect or rodent out for the entire year and not just during the winter. Roaches are relatively larger pests than bed bugs, fleas, ticks, etc., but they can still get in through areas that you would not even think to check. 

  • Eliminating water sources.

Another reason cockroaches enter your property is to quench their thirst. If they find water sources near or inside your house, they are bound to go in. Eliminate all water sources, including leaky pipes, faucets, and open drains. 

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