How to Make Your Living Room a Cosy Space

Living Room

We all love a cosy room in our homes. Let’s be honest. If we could turn all our rooms into a place where we could take a long nap, drink our favourite beverage and curl into our favourite blanket, we would.

Our living room is one of these rooms that we all tend to look for comfort. So some of us put on an oversized couch so we can lie down, and others install a library to read whenever they want.

But have you ever asked yourself why it is still not as cosy as you wished it was? Like many aspects of our lives, the small details bring the magic to reality. So keep reading to find what your living room is missing to fulfil its highest cosy potential.

Warm up the lighting

Adding warmth and ambience to a room is easy with clever lighting. For example, a light-diffusing or floor lamp instead of a single overhead beam will create a softer glow.

It can also be a good idea to switch out your light bulbs. Depending on the Kelvin rating of a bulb, its colour can range from 2,700 to 6,500. A bulb with a higher rating will be cooler. Additionally, the bulb may be described as ‘soft white’ or ‘daylight’. Choosing a light bulb between 2,700 and 3,000K will give your living room a warm, cosy feel. Better yet, get smart bulbs that you can dim from your phone or change the colour temperature from your phone.

Upgrade the furniture

Your sofa is a focal point of your home and where you relax, so choosing one that suits your needs and style is essential. Choosing one that will bring you peace when you see it is crucial.

An extensive and soft sofa will dictate the whole atmosphere of the room. Decide what exactly you are looking for when choosing your couch. Is the size essential, or is the fabric? Is it going to be the main piece of your living room? Will there be a table near it, and how big?

Picking the correct seating area for you will help you decide on every other detail in the room.

Layer cosy textures

Throws, cushions, and blankets provide warmth and comfort. Adding interest to a space by layering soft furnishings is easy when you mix and match the finishes. Various materials are in fashion, including velvet, bouclé, and wool. Keep your soft furnishings in mind, but don’t stop there. Adding natural woods, copper finishes on lamps and planters, and textured furniture, such as velvet sofas and slat-fronted cupboards, will make your space more inviting. Underfoot, sink your slippers into a soft, long-pile rug.

Mix in earthy tones

The colour palette of your living room can make a huge difference. Look for shades grounded in nature for a warmer, cosier space instead of magnolia and beige. In addition to soft greys and almond tones for your wall, you can choose wood-looking styles that are great paired with black and charcoal accents.

Consider taking inspiration from a piece of furniture or fabric you love when creating a new colour scheme. For instance, colours like green forest work well with soft pinks, greys, and dark woods, while blush pairs well with warm terracotta and midnight blues.

Soothe the senses

Beautiful scents are the reason why beauty products are so popular. You can create a spa-like atmosphere in your room through oil diffusers filled with eucalyptus, geranium and chamomile scents. Adding fragrance and flickering warmth is also possible with scented candles.

Don’t forget to consider noise levels as well. For example, you can create a cocooning feeling inside a room by choosing thicker, heavy curtains that soften outdoor noise and light.

Keep Everything in Order

Check your living room regularly to make sure everything is in its place. Do this every morning before you leave for work. This way, you will avoid clutter, increasing your stress levels. Moreover, a tidy room gives you the feeling of finished tasks and will help you ease your body, mind, and rest.

Have Flowers on the Table

Put a vase of flowers on the table when your guests enter the living room if you want to attract their attention immediately. It will attract all attention and give you time to prepare the room, if necessary.

It’s also fine to use artificial flowers, but feng shui dictates that the dust must be removed regularly from them to stop accumulating lousy energy in your home.

Decorate With Photographs

Add books and photographs to your shelves. They are a great way to preserve memories and make your living room more personal. Your photos can be printed out in larger sizes so that they can be hung on walls. Another good idea is to make a collage to gather many lovely memories in one place. Your living room will become relaxing and co with such an art piece for the table.

Use a Colourful Accent

It is possible to make your living room more attractive with a vase filled with flowers, but you can choose another item for this task if you don’t enjoy flowers. For example, colourful pillows, tablecloths, clocks, curtains, etc. You can combine and decorate several elements from your living room in the same scheme. This will show that the room is cosy and you are familiar with home décor techniques.

Keep the Room Clean

However, if your living room is a complete mess, no matter how many tips you apply, it will still not feel comfortable, especially to visitors. A room should be clean and tidy to be attractive and comfortable. I understand that people have to spend less and less time doing cleaning chores with today’s busy schedules, but there are other options. For example, you can hire a reliable cleaning company if you cannot find time to complete this task.

Have Green Plants

Putting green plants in your living room will bring a sense of freshness and nature into your home. From the moment you place even one plant in the room, you will notice the difference. Plus, plants are living things that show you care for them.


A living room is one of the most important aspects of owning a home. It is where you spend most of your time and welcome guests. Therefore, it needs to be cosy and representative. You need a few home décor tips to instantly change your living room without spending much money to achieve this effect.