Is a Commercial Roofing Inspection Worth It?


Roofs are capital investments just like any other business investment. They need to be maintained and cared for. It is easy to forget about a roof. It’s easy to overlook, so we rarely notice damage from far away. A commercial roof inspection is an essential part of property management.

Roof Inspections Can Detect Minor Damage

Roofs are exposed all year round to the elements. Weather damage, deterioration, and further wear can all occur over time. These types of roof damage can be prevented by having someone qualified to assess it.

An inspection of your roof can provide valuable information on any maintenance requirements that your roof may have. To avoid any minor damage, a healthy roof must be maintained. It is important to clean out drains and waterways. It is necessary to remove all debris and leaves. It may be necessary to apply new roof coatings. It’s easy to overlook these things, or completely forget if they’re necessary.

What Age Is Your Roof?

An inspection within the first two years of a roof’s age is sufficient to allow it to be inspected. A roof older than 10 years should be inspected every year. Roofs that have been subject to frequent interruptions, such as HVAC or equipment, may require more frequent inspections.

What Amount of Foliage Do You Have Around Your Home?

You may need to schedule roof cleanings more frequently if your building is located in an area that has a lot of trees or foliage. This will make sure that your roof doesn’t get damaged by debris from nearby trees.

Did You Have a Lot of Storms in the Past?

This is especially important in Arizona during the monsoon season. It’s a good idea to inspect your roof more frequently if there has been heavy rain or other severe weather.

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