The key points when selling your house


Buying and selling property can be quite stressful, especially if it is something temporary and we are not used to handling transactions of this type frequently. To avoid overwhelming the experience, it is important to organize ourselves and keep in mind certain key points before selling that will help us not only to make a better business but to go through this with a minimum of frights and discomforts.

The rules of purchase-sale change from country to country. The same uses and customs. Unfortunately, horror stories are very common in relation to real estate agents, sellers, buyers, scribes and other individuals who are an active part of these businesses.

What was the price at which we bought the property?

The price at which we buy our house is an important starting point to decide how much we could sell it, although we have to add other variables. The value of properties has a tendency to rise if we talk about long periods of time, but we also have to examine market conditions at the time we buy. Other variables to consider are how much the neighborhood in which we live has been revalued and if we have reinvested in our house making renovations and improvements. Sell house for cash is a new method of collecting cash in emergency conditions as well as in normal conditions

How much do we want to sell?

We tend to put the price on our property obeying our needs and this is usually not a realistic calculation. If we want to enlarge our next purchase we will be tempted to ask for a price too high and it is possible that our property is not worth it. We must first find out what is the value of the square meter in the area and adjust to that variable. It will also depend on the state of our property, since we may be competing with brand new properties.

The direct sale or through a real estate?

After spending bad times with unfair realtors in the past, it is common to come to the conclusion that we prefer to make the sale ourselves. If we have the help of a notary who can guide us step by step this is perfectly possible and a very big incentive for the buyer, since in Argentina the highest percentage of the real estate commission is paid by the buyer and not by the seller, contrary to other countries.

Of course, we will have to think about the expenses that this entails and the time it will take us, so if we are too busy, we will have no choice but to hire the services of a broker.