The Very Real Danger of Hornets


We are all aware that bees and wasps can sting, especially if their nest is disturbed, but hornets are a very different prospect. These insects have a very painful sting, and unlike bees, hornets can deliver as many stings as it wishes. Dormant in the winter months, the queen hornet hibernates in leaves until the spring, when it awakes from its slumber, and already fertilised prior to winter setting in, the queen will look for a suitable site for this year’s nest.

Aggressively Defending Their Nest

The following environments could be chosen by the queen:

  • Hollow Tree Trunk
  • Eaves or soffit of the roof
  • Against a wall
  • Rustic fences

The hornets will defend their nest with their lives, and should a child or a dog wander too close, it might set them off. If they are nesting in a tree and the trunk is hit hard, the vibration would inform the hornets they are under attack, which could spark a coordinated attack on the intruder.

Professional Solution

If you think you have a hornet’s nest on your property, contact an experienced pest control company in Leeds, who have the know-how and the equipment to exterminate the entire nest. While it is unlikely hornets will nest in an urban area, there’s really no assurances, and should they have been agitated, the queen can decide to relocate at any time.

Keep Away from the Nest

If the nest is in your garden, do not approach it, and if you are thinking you could smoke them out at night, unless you know what you are doing, this could be very dangerous.

Call in the pest control company, who can safely remove the nest, and you can get back to a normal routine.