Timber Suppliers Just Don’t Stock Timber but Many Other Things Also


We all like to make improvements to our homes in the United Kingdom and sometimes we like to do things ourselves. With all the help that can be gotten for free online, it makes sense to try to do it yourself and save yourself some money.

However, it would be preferable to be able to find everything under one roof rather than having to drive here and there and it would be great if they had a delivery service as most of us only have a car to carry things. Thankfully, there is somewhere that does all this and they are also the best timber suppliers in Bromley as well. These businesses offer so much all under one roof and we will list just some of the many items here.

  1. They supply roofing felt in all sizes for your home or garden shed. They also offer the adhesive required to stick it so you don’t have to go looking elsewhere.
  2. They provide wood preserves in clear or green as well as soffit and vents.
  3. They sell jiffy hangers and joist hangers and a wide array of fibreglass and Rockwool.
  4. Plasterboard accessories are numerous and they range from coves, to timber dogs and angel beads plasterboard.
  5. They also have a large selection of softwood moulds too numerous to list, but they will offer advice over the phone.

You can get it all under one roof and get it delivered as well. Give them a call today.