Useful Ways to Find a Dependable Builder

Dependable Builder

Finding a reputable builder for a commercial or domestic project isn’t as easy as it sounds. Yes, there are plenty of contractors in the industry, but some of them are cowboys who are only after a quick payday. Some scam artists take money from clients and leave projects half-finished and customers out of pocket. If you want to avoid being a victim and find a builder in Harrogate you can rely on, look for these qualities when selecting a company.

  • Proven Track Record
  • Proof of Licence and Insurance Certs
  • Plenty of Experience
  • Knowledge of the Project
  • Great Communicator

Getting in touch with an honest builder doesn’t have to be that difficult as long as you follow all of the tips below.

Nothing Beats Personal Recommendations

Who do you trust more, a close family member or a random person who has posted a review online? The best place to find an honest, dependable building contractor is through word of mouth. Your friends and family will be able point you in the right direction, if they’ve recently had work done, they’ll be able to give you a breakdown of the cost, quality of workmanship and other important factors,


Aside from personal recommendations, you can also do research online and speak to tradespeople such as electricians, roofers and bricklayers. No one knows the construction industry better than people who are involved in it on a daily basis. There are also some great online resources for people looking to hire reputable building contractors.