Washing the Dafi bottle in the dishwasher


Let’s note that a Dafi bottle is a product which is reusable. It is important that once a month a carbon filter must be exchanged. For some users a symbol placed on a bottle can be misleading „ one in a triangle”. The symbol is connected with type of plastic, as well as the method of its recycling. This labeling is compatible with legal requirements on packaging labeling patterns, while the number “1” is an ordinal figure, which absolutely does not indicate a single use of the bottle, which can be used repeatedly – this has been confirmed by studies that have been carried out by an independent institution.

Washing the Dafi bottle in the dishwasher

It should be remembered that the Dafi bottle is made of a plastic that cannot be scalded and washed in a dishwasher.The important fact is that its fabric is light and it is easily bent, thanks to which this bottle is useful and convenient to use, especially outside the home (at school, work or travel), but after scalding or washing in a high temperature in the dishwasher it becomes practically useless because it distorts.

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The producer advises to wash the bottle with warm water with dish soap and also to rinse it often. Taking care about the bottle’s cleanliness and hygiene is not difficult, but, it should be remembered not to scald it or not to wash it in the doshwasher. If we remember about it, we will be satisfied out of it and the bottle itself will serve us for a long time.

Care for the environment

The Dafi thermal bottle was made of high quality materials. That is why it can be used for a long time. Its easy cleaning allows to keep its proper hygiene. Let’s note that a mentioned bottle can be the first or the next step in order to protect the environment. This bottle helps to reduce the production of disposable waste. It is worth noting that this bottle is useful practically throughout the year, regardless of the weather. This bottle has a lot of benefits, so it is worth having such a product. It must be underlined that the Dafi bottle is reusable and its goal is to reduce plastic waste. If the bottle is destroyed (it may be accidentally crushed), we can give the bottle the so-called second life by recycling plastics.