3 Common Issues with Your Kitchen Sink


Have you noticed anything wrong with your kitchen sink? Although a professional plumber can’t help you with dirty dishes, they can fix something if it breaks or replace old components. Here are some problems you’ll encounter that can be resolved by a qualified plumber.

  1. Ineffective Water Pressure

If the water pressure is weak in your kitchen sink, the sink itself may not be the problem. If you’ve checked the unit and you can’t find anything wrong, it is time to call a professional. There are plenty of quality plumbers in Kent, who can fix your water pressure issues. A plumber knows that low water pressure isn’t just a problem with the sink, it can be an issue with other areas such as:

  • Leak in the system
  • Water main damage
  • Malfunctioning aerator in your sink
  • Blockage in another part of the system
  1. Slow Drainage

Your drain will get too slow if it gets clogged with a number of items from food debris to oil. Once they get into the drainage system, they can clog the pipes and slow water when it drains down the sink. If you’ve tried to use a plunger and it hasn’t worked, you should consider calling a professional plumber for assistance.

  1. Leaking Faucet

A leaky faucet is easy to detect but difficult to resolve if you’ve no plumbing experience. If you hear a tell-tale dripping sound, there is a good chance you have a leaky faucet.

If you’ve a problem with your kitchen sink and you’ve tried just about everything to resolve it but failed, expert plumbers are on hand to tackle the issue.