New Fencing – What Are My Options


If your perimeters are looking a little jaded and that wooden fence has been repainted so many times, you’ve lost count, now is the perfect time to search for replacement fencing. Fortunately, reliable fencing services in West Lothian are not far away, and with their help, you can examine all your options.

  • Timber Fencing – If you wish to retain that rustic charm, real timber fencing is the ideal solution. Seasoned wood that is treated with preservatives will keep the harsh Scottish climate at bay, and with so many styles to choose from, you will find something that looks like it belongs.
  • Steel Fencing – Another popular choice, steel fencing is made to fit the setting, and the design options are endless. Matching gating and a nice colour will give you fencing that is visually attractive. A range of colours allows you to add a touch of contrast to the garden.
  • Wire Fencing – Idea for the side that adjoins a public footpath or sports centre, and this also gives you visibility. Normally found in commercial environments, wire fencing can be attractive with the right design.
  • Weld Mesh Fencing – If you would like an artistic touch to your perimeter fencing, your local fencing provider would be able to weld an intricate design, and with some sections painted gold, you have a stunning feature.

Fencing and gating should be custom designed to blend with the property, and with high quality materials and a top-notch installation, your new fencing will be a highlight of the property. Talk to your local fencing contractor today and see what he can do for you.