A Basic Guide to Flat Roofing


Flat roofing is ideal for a single storey extension, and despite the name “flat” the roof will have a very slight run off, to channel away excess rain water. Felt is the right material for a flat roof, which should be layered in such a way to provide total protection.

Torched On Felt

This is the best way to felt a flat roof, which is the preferred method used by most roofing contractors, and once the job is finished, you have a waterproof roof that can be walked on. If you are looking for felt roofing in Blackpool, an online search will help you locate a local contractor, and with his expertise, your roof will be finished in no time.

PVC Multi-Layered Membrane

If felt is not your preferred material, why not settle for a PVC multi-layered membrane? This composite material is extremely durable and comes in many attractive colours, although it is not easy to install.

Rubber Based Roofing

There are several rubber based materials that make good roofing, which include:

  • EPDM
  • Fibreglass

Whatever material you choose, make sure that the contractor has experience in working on flat roofing, and the work is generally completed in a single day for a small extension roof.

Durability is high on your list of priorities with a flat roof, and with a choice of felt, PVC or rubber, you can design and build a solid roof that will offer essential protection for many years to come.

Talk to your local flat roofing specialist today and you won’t be disappointed.