Tile Like a Professional with These Tips


Tiling, like most trades, is an art and if you are thinking about retiling your kitchen or bathroom, there is much to learn. Assuming you have already selected the tiles and grout, here are some professional tips on tiling to help ensure a first-class job.

  • Acquire the Tools & Equipment – A tradesman is only as good as his tools, and you will need a tile cutter, spirit level, adhesive trowel, rubber mallet, and tile spacers. You will also need a few buckets and pieces of cotton to wipe the grout from the surface when finished.
  • Do Some Online Research – Half an hour should see you with a firm understanding of the various tasks and preparations, and there are even YouTube videos to help. Once you have the tools, the tiles and the grout, select a day and you can begin. If it isn’t convenient for you to do the work, there are affordable tilers in Hammersmith who can make short work of it.
  • Work Slowly – Don’t rush into this, and make sure you prepare the substrate and it is clean and dry. Apply no more than one square metre of adhesive, which will give you ample time to attach the tiles. When affixing a tile, check it is square and always use the tile spacers.

Pick a weekend and with all the tools and equipment at hand, you can begin and by working slowly and methodically, the tiling will look like it was installed by a professional tiler.