Don’t Wait Until its Cold for a New Boiler


If it isn’t cold today in the UK, it will be next week. While that’s a fact of life here, we all take pride in our ability to handle the cold and nasty weather. At the same time, it is quite nice to have a warm and cosy home when those wintry winds are howling isn’t it? What isn’t quite nice is when your boiler breaks down. Heat? Gone. Hot water? None. And it’s getting colder. Perhaps it would have been better to replace that old boiler in the warmer weather? Or even called for some service? Now what do do? Luckily, there is a company specialising in reliable boiler installations in Uppingham that can keep warmth in your life before that unplanned winter breakdown, or help you in that emergency. Here are some things to consider about boilers and installation.

  • Options – the company you choose should offer installation and service of not only Gas and Oil boilers, but hot water pressure systems. The boilers and systems that the company installs should be manufactured by reputable UK companies and be energy efficient.
  • Customer Service – The company should offer free quotes and fast service, as well as emergency service. They should be fully licensed and insured. They should offer annual maintenance, evaluations, flushing and all other services necessary to keep the boiler in tip top shape. A nice touch would be service reminders too.

Putting off installing a new boiler to replace your old, leaky, inefficient old one is not the best idea when winter is coming. You need to make sure you are ready for the cold, so attend to your boiler today!