2 Situations When a Manned Security Guard Is The More Effective And Better Option.


Everyone wants to feel safe in their day to day lives and it is human nature to want to protect ourselves and our families. Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, crime figures are rising and more people are taking to burglary and theft as their new occupation. They consider it easy money just to take something that doesn’t belong to them and it beats having to do the usual 9 to 5 that most of us are doing.

To keep our homes, our businesses and our customers cars safe, we need to take additional measures. One of these measures is to avail ourselves of experienced manned security services in Manchester who will take care of our safety issues, so that we don’t have to. The number of services that they offer are extensive, but here are just some of them.

  1. They can keep your business premises secure by patrolling the area and making sure that no one is up to no good. The presence of a security guard will put off most potential thieves and they will move on to easier pickings.
  2. Construction sites are prone to intruders and if you are a contractor, then you want to protect your expensive machinery on-site when the workers have gone home. Excavators, pumps and generators are left on-site and you do not want this expensive machinery getting broken or stolen.

Having a physical guard patrolling your premises, acts as a very effective deterrent and is better than any alarm system or CCTV system that you may have installed.