History Of Solar Panels And Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most important discoveries that humankind made especially to make our mother nature better. This is an unlimited source of energy that can be used by humans at all times. Even though the discovery of solar energy was done 200 years ago, it is taking even higher steps in the 21st century with solar panel removal and reinstall Tampa FL. It has become straightforward to install solar panels even for residential purposes. They are even useful to carry out essential industry-level operations with their sufficient amount of energy. This is a resource that does not cause any pollution and can run equipment without damaging the environment.

Solar energy invention in the 1800s

The sun was always present in the world but the first discovery of the photovoltaic effect was made by a French scientist Edmond Becquerel in 1839. He observed the electron reciprocate a conduction band in the excited state and it is moving freely like a current. He was just 19 years old when he discovered this huge phenomenon.

Later this became a recognised phenomenon when Albert Einstein wrote a paper about creating power using solar energy which he later got the Nobel Prize in 1922. From the discovery of solar energy to creating an actual solar panel takes more than 50 years to come alive. In 1883 Charles Fritts coated the thin layer of selenium with an even thinner layer of gold that proved helpful in the conduction of electrical energy but was just a 1% outcome.  In 1888 Edward Weston make the patent to transform this radiant energy from the Sun to create electrical and mechanical energy. In the same year, Aleksandr Stoletov created the solar cell which wasn’t that much recognised.

Evolution of solar energy in the 1900s.

Although the discovery of solar energy was made in the 19th century, even in the 20th century it was a crucial time for the evolution of solar panels to create an efficient source of energy. In this time the research was conducted to make cells for solar panels to sell commercially.

In 1950 the real solar era started when the Bell laboratory scientists started focusing on photo voltage development which is the milestone for creating solar energy. Scientists like Daryl Chapin, Gerald Pearson, and Calvin Fuller were the major contributors to create silicon cells that are useful for converting solar energy into electric or mechanical current. Even after giving 4% efficiency, they are not a cost-efficient option.

The shining 2000s

The investment in solar energy industries has increased in the last 10 years by 50% in 2006. It has become even more affordable by cutting costs by 70-80%. Nowadays solar engineering has taken the new heights to create a city car and even install them in their home.


Solar energy and technology have been rising and it still has a lot of scope left to make it brighter. Installing a solar panel will help you to cut your electricity bill and save the environment.