5 Facts You Must Know About Silverfish and How to Get Rid of Them


Silverfish is a tiny insect commonly found in households and offices that multiplies rapidly. Not only do they appear different from other types of insects, they are harmful as well. If you’re curious about silverfish in detail, we’ve got you covered. This article highlights the top 5 facts you must know about silverfish and ways to get rid of them through silverfish exterminator. Let’s dive in!

Facts About Silverfish 

Fact 1: They live longer 

Silverfish insects are known to live longer than most of the insects in the world. On average, the lifespan of an insect ranges from 3 to 6 years. Whereas silverfish insects can live up to 8 to 9 years of age. Thus, it is recommended to keep them away from your home. 

Fact 2: They have an unusual diet 

Most insects worldwide generally rely on human food such as nuts, cereals, and other items. On the other hand, silverfish love to eat books. They love silverfish to the extent that they make their home within your books and libraries and eat it. Besides books, they eat flour, oats, sugar, clothing, and more. Certain studies say silverfish eat dead skin, insects, and bugs. 

Fact 3: They can’t fly 

Unlike other insects, silverfish cannot fly as they do not have wings. So, if you spot a silverfish in your home, do not be scared; they won’t fly and hit you! 

Fact 4: Silverfishes do not carry any diseases 

Another most popular fact about silverfish is they do not carry any diseases. However, they can contaminate food items, drinks, and other foods, resulting in allergies, health concerns, and other problems. 

Fact 5: Silverfish loves darkness 

Silverfishes love to stay in the darkness; thus, they are always on a hunt for dark and damp places in your home. During the day, they are not seen as they hide behind curtains, books, paper, and more. Therefore, they are often seen roaming at night. 

How Can Silverfish Exterminators Help?

Silverfish exterminators are professional pest control experts who use techniques to control them and get them out of your home. In case you spot signs of silverfish infestation at home, contact silverfish exterminators immediately. 

Wrapping Up 

Silverfish are commonly seen insects in your home. Although they do not carry any diseases, they infect food, which impacts the health of your loved ones. Contact a silverfish exterminator for guaranteed results.