3 Different Kinds Of Damp That You May Experience In Your Home In The UK.


Owning your own home in the United Kingdom is an expensive proposition as there is always something that needs to be done. The house has to be regularly maintained if it is to stand up to the ravages that is the UK weather. We get a lot of rain and cold here and so you need to prioritise what you want to spend your money on and think about whether it will add or take away from your investment. Cosmetic changes look OK for a while, but there are other more pressing things to be looking at like damp and dry rot.

Damp is something that you want to keep out of your home as it can damage the timber in your home and also cause mould and fungus which is not good for you or your family. You can look for your local damp and dry rot services in Bath to find out about the different kinds of damp that you can experience in your home.

  1. Condensation is an issue that a number of houses in the UK suffer from. Regular or heavy condensation can lead to excessive damp in your home and mould and fungus begin to develop.
  2. Rising damp is next on your list and this is based around the damp proofing that you may or may not have done around your house when it was built. If the damp proofing course is not sufficient, then you are going to run into trouble.
  3. Finally, there is penetrating damp and this occurs when actual water gets into your building either through the roof due to a faulty tile or through window frames that are decaying.

Keep on top of your dry rot and damp by contacting your local company today and get them out to check if your home is protected.