3 Great Services That Your Local Building Surveyor Can Provide You Regarding Land & Buildings.


When buying or making changes to any land or property, it is always best to make sure that there are no surprises. There may be pipes and other things under the ground that you were not aware of or there may have been changes to the boundary line that are not in the drawings. You are probably making your biggest investment in your life so far and so it is best to protect yourself from any issues.

This is when you need to be looking for affordable building surveyors in Southwark who can provide the assurances that you need. They can handle any planning issues or disputes and provide clarity in any situation where it is required. There are a great number of services provided under planning and disputes.

  1. They can create a design for a conservatory or an extension that you were thinking of adding on to your current structure. Detailed plans are needed by the local government to make sure that you get the required building regulation approval that is needed.
  2. They can define the boundaries of land that you currently own, or land that you are thinking of purchasing. There may be a fence or a wall that might be crossing boundary lines and you need them to measure this for you.
  3. Sometimes, your neighbour decides to add an extension to their property, but it is blocking your view or your light. Your building surveyor can check that they have the approved planning permission and if they have, that they are sticking to the plans that they initially submitted.

Always get a survey done when you are thinking of buying land or buildings and are thinking of making changes.