5 Reasons Why A Solid Wood Floor Is A Winner


Of all the materials that can be used for flooring, solid timber is without a doubt the finest, and with an elegant and natural look, nothing is lost in the style department. If you live in Western Australia, you will have walked on many a hardwood floor, and there is little to compare with the warm and natural appearance of hardwood, and while it might not be the cheapest solution, the flooring in your home deserves the very best, especially if you want it to last for many years. More and more homeowners are realising the many benefits of a solid wood floor, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

  1. A Solid and Natural Product – Solid wood is pure 100% natural, as the planks are cut from the trunk of a tree. Typically, the thickness of solid flooring would be ¾ inch, although slightly thicker is sometimes used. If you happen to live in Western Australia, and are looking for wood flooring in Perth, there is an excellent supplier who has a range of attractive hardwoods, along with other types of flooring.
  2. Easy to Resurface – A solid timber floor would be sanded and treated when it is laid, and this process can easily be repeated at any time, giving you a beautiful new surface from the same material. You can stain for alternative shades, which will bring out the grain in the timber.
  3. Durable and Long Lasting – Once hardwood flooring had been laid in place, it can be treated with polyurethane varnish, which offers a level of protection, or failing that, a good stain and polish would bring out a shine. You can expect to see your solid wood flooring for a few decades without an issue, and providing it is always kept dry, there is no reason why the flooring should suffer in any way.
  4. Range of Hardness – The many species of timber that are used for flooring offers the home owner a range of hardness, and while some are softer and more suited to a living room, others are extremely hard and more suited to utility areas. Timber has great insulating properties and walking on a hardwood floor has a certain warmth that you would never find in stone or concrete.
  5. Pre-Finished Flooring – This means the timber can be laid and it is ready for use, as the planks have already been carefully prepared. This type of flooring is becoming more popular, as there is no need for expensive timber preservation once the floor is laid. Of course, timber flooring should be installed by experts, and would normally be either nailed or stapled down, with the holes filled, leaving a silky smooth finish and a floor that will never warp or misshapen in any way.

If you want a flooring that will stand the test of time, it is wise to invest in a solid timber flooring for most of the living areas in the home, and with perhaps a matching composite in the kitchen and bathrooms would give you that complete timber look.