A Guide To A Stress Free Relocation


Anyone who is planning to move home or office is facing somewhat of an ordeal, in fact, some Australian homeowners prefer to let the removal company handle everything, which allows you to relax and actually enjoy the experience. You might be lucky and randomly pick a local removalist who happens to be the best, but generally speaking, it pays to do a little research when sourcing such a contractor.

Affordable, Professional and Dependable

These are the 3 traits to look for in any removal contractor, and there are such companies, if you know what to look for. You might, for example, be on the hunt for cheap removalists in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, and with an online search, you will have a list of potential candidates to browse. Ideally, the removal company would be friendly, and with a “can do” attitude, they will do what they can to ensure a smooth project completion.

Planning the Move

It is important to go through every single room in the house, listing what is to go and what is to stay, and for most families, a medium size skip is adequate to handle the waste and unwanted items accumulated over the years. Once you are certain about the inventory, you can then ask a removal company to quote for the job. If you are moving out of state, make sure the contractor is happy with your destination, and remember that distance has a big bearing on the quote. Allow as much notice as possible when looking for a removalist, and by searching online, you will have all of the local company websites at your fingertips.

Children and Pets

If anything could throw a spanner in the works, it would be the kids or the family dog, as neither will take too kindly to seeing all the furniture being loaded up onto a truck. If your children are at an age where they could help, then delegate them a task or two, which will get them involved. Safety is a prime consideration when moving, and younger children should be farmed out for the day, and perhaps there is a kennels nearby where the dog can be groomed and pampered for the day. You will be far too busy making sure the furniture is safely packed, without the added worry of what the kids are up to, and perhaps the grandparents could save the day by having an overnight visit.

Informing Relevant Service Providers

There are quite a few essential services we need to call on from time to time, the plumber and electrician being just two, and it would be a good idea to inform them of your new address, or if you are moving any distance away, thank them for their service over the years, which will be much appreciated. It has been known for a homeowner to call out an emergency plumber, who went to their old address, as no one informed them about the move.

If you have found a good removal company and the dates are confirmed, make sure you have all of the above taken care of and the move will go without a hitch.