Designing a Balanced Front Garden


The front of your home is what everyone notices first, so it is important to keep it in outstanding condition if you wish to impress visitors. If you’d like your garden to stand out from every other property on your road, you must try to create a balanced setting using colours, key features and attractive landscape items. In Swadlincote, paving & driveways are installed on your property by expert teams. If you’d like to really make an impression, why not start with a driveway featuring imprinted concrete or block paving. Each feature carries numerous benefits which include:

  • Sealed surface
  • Unique style
  • Assortment of designs & colours
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for any property & any area size

Once you’ve decided on the best type of driveway and colour, you can then start adding features to complement the design.

Table of Contents


Your driveway and front garden will look even more stylish once you install a new border. A high-quality face has the ability to completely transform your exterior. They don’t just improve visual appeal, they also help to secure your premises by sealing off easy access routes.


Adding natural lawns to the front of your home is a great way of enhancing the look and bringing contrast to your new driveway. The mixture of natural grass alongside an imprinted concrete driveway brings your yard to life.

You can also add plants to your driveway, when choosing them, try and match each one with the vibe of your new project. Don’t randomly select plants or flowers, give it some thought and create a unique vibe.