Floor Tiles: A Guide to the Different Types


We have been using tiles as a form of flooring for centuries, and the range of materials is indeed varied. If you have your heart set on tiled flooring for your kitchen or bathroom, here is a list of the various types of floor tiles that are available today.

  1. Travertine Tiling – Travertine is an elegant stone that has a unique finish, making it ideal for flooring, and some of the best tiles in Chesterfield are travertine. A type of limestone, if you visit Italy, you will see some stunning travertine floors that were installed thousands of years ago, which is a testament to the stone’s resilience.
  2. Marble Tiles – Marble offers a wide range of colours and finishes, with stunning designs that would complement any room. Finishes include polished, honed, brushed and tumbled, and the high aesthetic value is matched by a high price, but nevertheless, marble tiles make for a stunning floor that will last a lifetime.
  3. Slate Tiles – Slate is a very popular flooring material, and it comes in many colours, from slate grey, to reds and browns, and with attractive veins running through the stone, slate offers a unique appearance. A slate floor should be sealed after installation, which gives the surface added protection, and the non-slip surface makes slate an ideal choice for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

    If you would like to view a stunning range of stone floor tiles, an online search will help to locate a local supplier, and with their help, you can choose the perfect flooring to complement your home.