There’s No Need To Throw Out Your Carpets And Rugs Anymore In The UK.


In the United Kingdom, we have a number of floor coverings to choose from. There is linoleum, wooden floors, real or laminate, tiles and of course, the trusted carpet. Many homes have a variation of all these around their house, but one of these will always be found in any house in the UK. It is carpet and we have been using it for years on our floors. It is the tried and tested floor covering that looks great, feels warm under the feet and lasts a long time. However, over the course of a carpet’s life, it gets a lot of abuse from people trekking dirt over it, and people spilling wine and other things when you have the occasional party. The sun also takes its toll on your carpet and those UV rays fade the design on the carpet over the years to the point that you are thinking or ripping it all up and getting a new one.

However, this may be an expensive carpet and apart from the fading, it is in really strong condition. Thankfully, there is expert carpet restoration in London where they can remove all kinds of stains, remove bleach marks and add dye to your carpet to getting it looking new again. They provide the following services.

  1. Bleach spots are impossible to deal with, but these companies have come up with a solution. They will add a dye to the carpet to match its colour perfectly and it looks the same again.
  2. They use their colour restoration service to return old, faded carpets to new ones again in the blink of an eye. When they apply the dye, you can walk on the carpet almost immediately.
  3. They can also add the dye to your favourite rug as well and if there are any wine stains on it, they can remove this as well.

Give them a call today, and let them bring a new lease of life into your old carpet and rugs.