Why Rodents Are Harmful


Rodent infestation is a big problem for the homeowners. The infestation becomes more troublesome during fall and winter. This particular time is also ideal for other pests. It means, if you don’t take effective and timely measures, they can make a hell out of your safe haven.

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Why Are Rodents Problematic?

Rodents damage your properties. In addition, they cause health hazards if you and your family co-live with them.

They damage electric wires, furniture and all the soft objects of your home. What is more, the squeaking sound day and night is enough to leave you irritated. They leave urine and feces here and there and just imagine how much troublesome it would be to get these cleaned. These things soil food, which might create severe health issues to the residents.

However, there are more to their dangerous side which we will now put together for a thorough and thoughtful read.

Health Hazard: Rodents are culprits for carrying the germs of several diseases. Their saliva, urine, feces and blood transmit several diseases such as Tularemia and Hantavirus. This is an example of direct disease transmission by rodents.

However, rodents spread diseases indirectly as well. They bring other pests such as lice, ticks etc to your home, thereby indirectly contributing to disease spread.

There is another health hazard from rodents. People may get diseases from rodent by-products (for example, fur or feces). They are unsanitary pests. Rodents leave urine, feces, fur anywhere, especially at the place of eating.

The commonest way of people falling sick from rodent infestation is taking food contaminated with rodent droppings. Rodents usually survive on dry pantry goods. However, they are not choosy and take anything that they find on their way.

Fire Hazard: Rodents and House Fire? You might be wondering. Well, it’s a fact. Nearly 25% of house fires are claimed to happen from “unknown sources”. The fact is, these sources are not unknown at all and mice and rodents play their part.

They chew on electrical wiring. The damaged wiring overheats and causes fire. So, rodent infestation is not a minor issue, rather a serious consideration.

Structural Damage: Rodents cause structural damages. The way they eat, build nests and reproduce, causes damages to the structure of your home. Rodents search the nook and cranny of the wall for food and end up damaging weather-proofing items in the process. They gnaw on paper, plastic and fabric and thus, damage both paper products and furniture.

They drag insulation, paper, packing materials and several garbage items from the nooks and crannies of your house. They make a hell of your house by tearing, ripping and gnawing anything they find. With the passage of time, the damages done by them get monumentally worse and cost you dearly.

Get Help

Most homeowners apply rat-killing poisons to put an end to the problem. But it might not kill all the rodents. It is also difficult to sweep them out of the corner or from under shelves where they usually lie dead. For a more permanent and pragmatic solution, get help from a professional rodent pest control service provider in your locality.