Interior Design Resolutions You Can Keep in 2019


While we’re already a month into the new year, now is as good a time as ever to double down and really stick to your resolutions. We seem to forget after January that there’s always an opportunity to start over, and it’s worth reminding yourself you can always make new resolutions. You won’t be the first one that may have broken your resolution already, either. Never fear, we’ve got some ideas for you for new resolutions relating to your home decor that you can definitely stick to without fear of failing this year.

Don’t be afraid of color.

For the most part, Décor Aid a contemporary interior design  is very aware of when a client is afraid of stepping outside the box with color. Those who stick to traditional shades or tired neutrals should consider incorporating an accent color into their design this year. This isn’t a resolution that needs to be completed right now, you can start subtly by introducing small decorative items that catch your eye while you’re out shopping. As you define colors that will work in your space, you can introduce more and really change the direction of your interior design.

Stray from the cookie cutter.

It seems that every time you go shopping, you’re faced with the same designs, colors, and objects again and again. When things are trending, you see them everywhere. Make an effort to stray beyond the same cookie cutter pieces you see in every window display, home, and social media post. Uniqueness is appreciated these days, so don’t force your space into the same mold as every other one out there. Look for unique, one of a kind pieces when sourcing for your home. Local businesses and vendors are perfect for finding handmade pieces that can’t be replicated, so resolve to visit more flea markets or unique pop ups.

Get rid of excess.

While tidying up seems to be trendy right now, it’s a resolution that will remain important year after year. We encourage you to go through everything you own and remove anything that is unnecessary or doesn’t provide value. Remove things weighing you down or taking up space so that you can make more room for things you really love. Anything you’re on the fence about isn’t worth keeping, and if you found something in storage that you had forgotten was there for the past several years, you won’t miss it when it’s gone either.

Embrace your personal style.

While interior design has a dictionary of different styles that it seems all rooms must fall into, stray from these trends and go with what feels like the most ‘you’. Define your own style instead of choosing things simply because they’ll fit with an aesthetic. Your own style needn’t be a strictly Scandinavian, Rustic, Modern, or Bohemian space. It can just involve things that you love and enjoy, curated in a way that makes you feel the most you.