New Garage Doors – What Are the Options?


If you’re in the market for a new set of garage doors, there are quite a few designs. You’ll be pleased to learn that technology has given us a smoother, more convenient experience, and with motorised versions that can be remotely controlled, you simply hit the button a few seconds before, swing into the driveway, and the garage door is open.

Traditional Up and Over Garage Doors

Still very popular in the UK, especially if the garage is in limited space, the up and over design incorporates a smooth tracking mechanism that is fully encased, giving you effortless opening and closing. You only have to look at a few of the outstanding examples of garage doors in Southampton, to see how popular the up and over design actually is.

Roller Shutters

The earlier versions were rather bulky, yet the sleek slim-line design of today, installing roller shutters is ideal for an elegant finish, and you won’t find a more secure garage door than roller shutters. The wide spectrum of colours and finishes allows for a transformation, especially when accompanied by a new driveway.

Fully Automated Garage Doors

All of the above designs come with motorised options, whether up and over or roller shutter, which makes entering and leaving a breeze. There is a range of motorised solutions, and the technician would prefer to see the site before making any design recommendations.

Bespoke creations ensure a perfect fit, and whatever colour or design you prefer, it is all possible with a specialist garage door supplier, who is only a phone call away.