Leaking Roof? Here’s Why You Need It Repaired ASAP

Leaking Roof

You’ve taken a look at your roof and you’ve noticed its leaking. The leak is only small, so you don’t have to worry about it just yet! Leaving a leaking roof is the worst thing you can do, it needs attention right now, not in a few days or weeks. Roofing contractors in Sidcup have been called to many cases where homeowners have left a leak to snowball out of control. Even a small leak can cause extensive long-term damage.

Don’t Leave the Leak Alone

If you come across a leak in your roof, the worst thing you can do is leave repairs for another day. A leaking roof can cause unbelievable damage to the structure and the surrounding components of your property. It doesn’t just ruin aesthetics, it puts the building under immense pressure, sometimes culminating in complete roof failure.

While waiting for a roofer, read these tips on how to deal with water that is invading your home:

  • Track the water marks and see where the leak is coming from.
  • If you can, inspect the roof and look for other damage.
  • Cover up any furniture which is exposed to the water.
  • Collect the water in a container.
  • Remove and dry any item that has gotten wet from the leak.

The Importance of Immediate Action

  • Water creates an environment for mould & mildew
  • Moisture causes wood rot inside your home.
  • Water stains walls and ceilings.
  • If left unattended, it could potentially cause your roof to collapse.